Kiss Me Salty

Dan Voll & Michele Anders

Dan and Shell create the Fernandina Beach Sound with a little bit of sand, spice and sea

Two of the most admired musicians on Amelia Island, whose popularity is quickly growing throughout Northeast Florida, are the duo of Dan Voll and Michele Anders, talented and fun entertainers with a dedicated group of followers that are now treated to the couple’s first CD — “Kiss Me Salty.” The album is beach themed with songs written by both artists including one Dan and Michele wrote together a couple of years ago called “Treasure Seekers” about the crew of the local Polly L and the search for the Spanish ship San Miguel and its treasure lost off the coast of Amelia Island in the 1700s. The local treasure hunters approached Dan requesting a theme song for a reality TV show they were shopping and “Treasure Seekers” is the result.

It also contains some of Voll’s trademark instrumentals including: “Esta es Vida” or “This is Life”, and “Fernandina Daybreak.” He also covers Tito Puente’s “Mambo Gallego”. Also included is “Ocean” written by the duo’s late friend the Mike Donzi, that they included not only to honor his memory but because they think it is “a great song.”

Other songs are about the beach and Shell’s move here from Pennsylvania: Kiss Me Salty”; and one about an old boyfriend in Ocean City, Maryland, “Coming Over.” Ride on Gator” is about a character they met at the Green Turtle, plus more.

Kick back with a frosty beverage and picture the soft sandy beaches, coral sunsets and cool breezes of Florida while you enjoy!

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